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NVidia's world domination

One of the most intriguing, and exciting posts I read was a 2002 Wired magazine story about nVidia CEO -Jen Hsun Huang- planning to make nVidia , a contender for Intel's pie.
This year, NVidia has been on a roll, since its 6800 core GPU's outperformed ATI's x800 cores in Doom3 benchmarks (ATI does perform better on Half-Life, but that is due to ATI's 24 bit shaders which are used heavily by HL2 compared to nVidia's 8,16,32 bit shaders).

Today's story in EETimes adds a small footnote to those plans. However, with news of nVidia's cross-licencing pact with Intel, I wonder if it is hedging its bets.
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