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Last mile broadband through Stratellites

The latest update on the Globetel saga of providing last mile broadband access shows wireframe models of their stratellite. This being my favorite for the best bet for providing last mile access in untapped markets. This has the advantage of not having a capital heavy and more importantly, time consuming investment, in laying out underground cables.
The problem with conventional satellites is the impossibility of maintaining two-way communications through home antenna units. A stratellite, which orbits at around 10 miles, would be optimal for this purpose.
If we think about this concept in an emerging market like India, there are multiple problems that could surface:
  • In a place like Delhi, which are quite close to mountains, how do you stabilise the airship.
  • Would it be tethered or free-flying? I prefer the free-flying model, because it has all the advantages of the tethered variety with none of drawbacks (hold the line!!). I suppose it would have to carry onboard spare tanks of helium to account for the leakage.
  • How do I ever, in the name of all that is good, ever get on board to refuel/maintenance? I suppose I would have to use another blimp. But that does'nt give me reponse time of ~1 hour, which is what I would have to have to hook the big fish - corporate customers.
However, its all about execution. Execute , then improve.

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