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Looking for and Developing leaders

A comment by A.G.Lafley, CEO of Proctor and Gamble, set me thinking. In my workplace, I have tried to cultivate people, who as part of my team have shown promise.
It is not always the case that I can recognise the gleam. Frequently, people are still in college mode or are not driven - probably as a result of the babu syndrome. They believe that they would eventually get there by means of seniority.
I think it is important to follow a two-step approach:
  • Shock and awe them with what you can do: you have to prove your capability as a leader, not only in leading and managing, but also in actual execution.

  • The Talk: This is when you gently but firmly hold a mirror in front of them - show them how they can be even better and really shine.

I think one of the most important qualites to have whilst doing the above is candidness. If a bloke is an ass, call him an ass. But show him how you were an ass once and you fought for what you wanted to become.
It has worked for me. I think, atleast I like to think, that I have groomed people to be better than what they started with and faster than they would have done on their own.
A fine legacy, I believe.

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